Finally travelling close from home

During the COVID-19 crisis, as many other families, we have been struggling to keep our children entertained, and patience in-check. Pre-COVID we would often head to a favorite location by car far away, visiting parks and other attractions in the ‘big city,’ or head to a shopping center for entertainment. But, with the given situation, we have come to appreciate our own ‘backyard’ even more and the possibilities we have outdoors.

We are fortunate to live in a suburb outside Stockholm, in close proximity to the sea and woods. This has afforded us the possibility to create ‘big adventures’ close to home. While these adventures often are not that long, the memories are long-lasting.

From fishing and canoeing in local waters, mushroom hunting, and exploring the local woods, we have enjoyed our time together outside the house. Hot chocolate, fresh air, togetherness; these things do not become more profound the further away from home you are. At least not from the perspective of a toddler.

I am embarrassed that it has taken so long for us to explore our own area and the many amazing sites to see and experience. However, I am glad that we have been ‘forced’ to experience these and spend more time together outdoors. I intend to keep up these trips and introduce my son to more of the things I love, in close proximity to home. 


Michael Martin (Sweden)

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