A travel in my garden

See all, discover all

Know everything, feel everything


Northern Lights

And Genghis Khan.

Taste everything, dance everything

From the waltz of the sledges

Of the Far North,

To the taste of sharks

In Zanzibar.

Spend the winter in warmth

And in the summer cast off,

Turning the earth

Upside down.

In my November garden this morning, I had leaves to pick up

and apples to throw away.

Cumulonimbus clouds threatening

and a pair of crows flew above my head.

I followed their merry-go-round with my eyes;

from the tall trees, they were watching mine.

Under the front roof, my cat yawned.

The smell of lemon balm still perceptible,

I sat down on the red swing, and took off.

Looking at our garden with my child’s eyes, I travelled,

feeling everything, discovering everything.

A few piled rocks as landmarks, like the Inukshuks of the Arctic.

As a courtesy, the autumn rain began to fall.


Daniel Burnier (Switzerland)

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