A walk in the snow

After a few weeks of heavy winds, the weather was supposed to be relative nice during the weekend and in particular on Sunday. We hadn’t moved so much due to strong winds a cold weather these last weeks. Therefore, we decided to go for a walk on the blanket of snow that was covering the landscape. Among the different possibilities an hour away from our home, there was one that we didn’t know called La Sagne (reads as “lasagna” in French but with a space in the middle). Walking with a baby is way different than traveling on your own. When I travel, I tend to be easy going, not caring too much about the equipment and so on. If things don’t turn out the way I planned, I just change the plan or figure out a new way, in a “resilient” type of travelling. Many years of travelling in sometimes chaotic conditions help embrace the uncertainty. With a baby everything is different. Because you have to protect that little body from the cold, you end up projecting the same on you. Thus, we overequipped ourselves for a walk of an hour and half with two pairs of pants, two pullovers a heavy jacket, gloves a bonnet, and so on. It took us more time to prepare ourselves than the actual walk. Anyway, we left at around 10am to talk the train to La Chaux de Fonds and another small train afterwards. La Chaux de Fonds is the other big city of the canton so we are used to go there. The connection there was short, less than five minutes. We hurried there with the baby on the back, careful of the slippery ground with ice and snow everywhere. The self-propelled little train that was awaiting for us looked more like a toy than a means of transportation. It took us to the place that sounds like an Italian dish. Once arrived there, we took the wrong path and arrived after five minutes in a cul de sac. But the area was pretty and quiet and many other people happily got lost there. We had to cross the rail again to walk on the proper path. It was following the rails overs kilometers, so it was just a long road disappearing just under the horizon. Many walkers, joggers, cross country skiers were enjoying that sunny Sunday. We took the path and started walking. It turned out quickly that without the wind and with the sun we had way too much cloths on and we were getting warm. We walked for about 45 minutes and took a break to remove some cloths, drink some water and feed the baby (I estimated once that everything takes three to four times more time with a baby). After we left, he became irritable and started crying for no apparent reason. Probably tired we thought. As a matter of fact, he fell asleep after a few minutes of mild rocking on my back. The path was getting more quiet and the crowd we had at the beginning started to look like a few isolated people. The station we were aiming for was getting closer and it turned the train we had initially thought of taking was leaving in five minutes. We accelerated, took another pretty train that was going in the same direction in order to take a bus back home. Once in the bus, the road was leading between the mountains and other trekking paths. Because we have walked quite a bit in the area, we started to connect with many of the other walks we had done. So many things to discover still close to our place!

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