My lovely Parisian walk with my friend and his dog Cheyi

In Paris, I live in Bastille. In the early afternoon, I got on my bicycle and joined a friend for a walk with his dog. My friend lives in the heart of Paris, in Châtelet. I went through the Rue de Rivoli to find him. “Great! There are new bicycle paths!” I told myself. In a few years from now, thanks to the Paris without cars project, only public transport, scooters, and bicycles will be allowed. I’m really excited! Fiou! I rode like an arrow. I attached my bicycle. Then, I went upstairs to my friend’s flat to say hello to his gentle cat, and we went through the streets of Paris with his dog.

First, we went down a slope to reach the Seine’s riverfront. Far away, we glimpsed the Tour Eiffel in the grey sky. We walked along the Seine and we saw moored Bateaux Mouches. Then, we went up from the riverfront to the Pont Neuf. We walked through the streets until the Louvre. I’ll tell you a secret, I’m a Parisian, however, I’ve never seen the Mona Lisa, but hush! Don’t tell anybody. Then, we continued through the Jardin des Tuileries but we were stopped by a sign that said “No dog”.

So, we turned to the right to reach the Jardin du Palais Royal. But before that, we stopped at the window of a toy shop for collectors. We laughed a lot when we saw that the replica of the Cathedral de Notre-Dame was in promotion. Next, we entered what we call the Domaine National du Palais Royal, we needed to get through this place to reach the garden. It’s fun because there are black and white columns with different sizes that children (and adults!!) have fun climbing.

Then, we entered the Jardin du Palais Royal. Here, the trees are amusingly aligned! We passed near a very nice and unique bench. It was made of two attached chairs oriented in opposite directions so you can discuss face to face, what a great idea! Maybe we can make meaningful encounters like this? We went back home quietly, as it started to get dark. I turned on my bicycle lights, I said goodbye to my friend, but forgot to say it to the dog (I hope he is not angry with me).

And I came back to Bastille. At the top of the Colonne de Juillet, the Genie de la liberté was shining brightly.

Pauline de Mortain

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