Among the rich of Gstaad for a weekend

It might be the least micro of the weekends we have done in a while now as instead of trains and busses we rent an (electric) car for the week end. We left early in the morning on Saturday. Because the battery was not full we had to stop in a parking lot to charge it. We had the heat on, as it was almost -10 degrees Celsius outside. After that quick break where we also grabbed a hot coffee (that felt like a delicious treat), we arrived in the canton of the Valais and the mountains became much bigger as left the Jura for the Swiss Alps. Everything was covered with snow except a few lakes emerging from the landscape. The traffic became somewhat denser around that famous ski resort of Gstaad. We had booked a nice hotel for one night and we entered a parallel world. Although everything was closed outside (cafes, bars, restaurants), everything was open in the hotel, even the spa! We felt it’s quite hard to justify but we decided to enjoy for these two days. We first took a bob in which we placed our one-year-old son that he could enjoy the snow and the ride. This was a semi success only as he slept for the first half and cried for the second! Once back at the hotel, we did do all the things we hadn’t done for months (bar, restaurant and spa), all in one day. What used to be normal felt extraordinary, especially as we didn’t expect it. For the second day, a beautiful sky and landscapes were covered by snow and a generous sun. I stayed with our boy in the swimming pool while L. went skiing. After a last lunch at the hotel (beetroots nicely cooked) we went back home. The landscapes were all looking good in that sunny winter day. Once in the car we thought that was a good weekend but is it really fair to have only access to this in the hotels? Does it mean rich people can keep enjoying the pleasures of life (some were probably there for weeks…) whereas the rest has to stay home?

Gaël Brulé

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