Closer to my family

I live nine time zones West of my parents. The town is a postcard, it has nourished my heart, mind and soul over the last 6 years. But recently I started spending more time with my parents. Rented a pad an hour away from the home town, and made it easy for myself to hang out with them.

My dad is a rad human.

Super duper quadruple rad.

In this picture, he’s on a cross-country trail. He builds the trail with his own hands as a hobby. I’m not attracted to cross-country skiing. I am attracted to people who do a lot for other.

That’s what he does.

Take care of people — cook, lead, inspire, share. And build stuff. Manufacturing company with 40 full-time long term employees. Production process and line for a biodegradable alternative to plastics, several lucrative real estate projects, a few waterparks, a fortress of a house in the woods. Then heaps more.

My mom is a rad human.

Exceptional, driven, generous. Her degrees are so many I have to stop to think before I manage to count them. She runs a museum, two non-profits, she’s building a kindergarten. When she throws a party, you won’t leave until you get stuffed, dance your booty off, meet loving lovely people, open up, laugh plenty, sing even if you didn’t think you could or should. When she sees pretty things, she won’t take a picture, she’ll take a handful, as pictured hehe.  She’s written a few books, made dull houses look beautiful, heard out droves of broken hearts, exaggerated many a story.

I am picky about who I spend time with. Time spent with these two has been some of the most valuable. The love, the self-learning, the inspiration, the connection, the love the care holy moly. I don’t think I ever understood my parents this well. I don’t know where I’ll settle, but I do know that even if it’s not on the same continent as these two, I’ll at the very least need a property near them and I’ll spend a few months a year in the homeland so I can be a part of their day-to-day.

Thank you, mamka a ocko.

Branko Kral

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