Rural Gas Stations and Fast Food with a Parisian

It was night somewhere in nowhere Arizona and my friends and I needed to stop and get gas. We were on a short road trip and pulled into a typical side of the highway super gas station that catered to cars and long haul truckers. This was the type of gas station where you can gas up, eat, shop, and even shower. For Kelsey and I, both born and raised in America, this was nothing but a routine stop. But we had our friend Gaël, who was visiting from Paris for an academic conference, with us and it quickly became apparent that there was more to this gas station that I would typically notice. 

We gassed up and entered the mini mart. While Kelsey and I were grabbing drinks and snacks, I noticed Gaël was carefully examining the book rack. He was slowly and carefully browsing the gas station book titles in deep thought. Wondering what could possibly be grabbing his attention, I walked over to ask Gaël what he found so interesting. 

“Robson, every one of these books has the word ‘guns’ in the title!” Now I was completely transfixed, standing and carefully browsing the titles. Gaël was not exaggerating at all, every single book somehow worked ‘guns’ into the title! My personal favorite was “Guns on the Prairie.” As of my writing this, you can order “Guns on the Prairie” from Amazon for the low price of $6.99 and it is guaranteed to arrive before Valentine’s Day if you order soon! 

Later on, Gaël started requesting that we stop for some fast food. I honestly forget if he enjoyed his meal or not, but his enthusiasm for trying a typical roadside burger was infectious and I became genuinely excited about trying Freddy’s Burgers. I can’t say Freddy makes a life changing burger, but this short road trip did make me appreciate many of the quirky aspects of American culture that I typically overlook. It just took the perspective of a foreign friend to remind me where to look for the American experience. 

Robson Morgan (feat. Gaël Brulé)

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