Walking against the wind

As I was single for the weekend, with Laura and Junior visiting the grandparents, I decided to walk around the lake of Morat (or Muurten in German). It is close from where I live so I took a train of 30 min to get there. I had already been around that lake by bike, but I decided to walk this time. You can appreciate much more when you go slow, especially when you are on your own. After a week of beautiful weather, it was very cold that day, with a wind taking any opportunity to make you regret to be out. From the station, I walked into the castle, which has a view on the whole lake. I was not the only one, one or two couples were going to walk too. I decided to walk fast to warm myself up, especially as the first part was the most exposed to the winds. I walked fast, my hands in my pockets, almost ready to run. I arrived quickly to a part of the lake that looked like a forest on the East side. There was a long straight path of one kilometer or two, which felt like a take-off strip. I also walked quickly on this, like my life depend on it. My brain and my body started to enjoy this. When I left the forest, I wasn’t so bothered by the wind anymore as I was at the beginning. I crossed a bridge and started to walk in the vineyards. I had to go up a bit which gave me a nice view on the lake. I enjoyed this, in particular as vineyards are my favorite landscapes. After another hour, I saw an intersection. On the left, the path was continuing around the lake and was going bath to the initial train station. On the right, the path was actually going towards the lake I live on. Although this wasn’t the initial plan, I decided that I would love to know how the two lakes connect, what’s between them. I took what turned out to be a very rural path, with fields, greenhouses and old men on tractors. I ate an apple on the way as I had my breakfast already four hours ago. The way up was shorter than I expected and I arrived at a point where I could see both lakes. I tried to take a panorama photo but it looked terrible so I deleted it. At least in my memory it looked good. The path down led me to a village called Cudrefin, a small church and a cute little place where I could get a sandwich and a hot coffee. From that place, I took a bus and a train that brought me home. Next time I will walk all the way I thought.     

Gaël Brulé

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