(Micro)travel is a matter of perspective…

We were packing for a Journey,  a Journey to England and France. And the plane would leave at seven. We had a pack lunch with us. First we were going to England to visit our relatives Grandma & Vaari. Then we were going to France. It was seven o’clock. And We were in the plane. It was so exiting!  The plane took off and we were starting to fly! In a few hours we were there! In ENGLAND!!!
We were so exited! Grandma and Vaari had come to see us at the airport. We went to their house straight away it was so lovely! After a lovely holiday we went to France. When we got there we went to our other relatives Alison & David and they showed us the way to there closest Macaroon shop and bought Me & my sister Alice each a small colouring pad. So That we could colour together outside. After That we went to Paris. And again we went to by macaroons they were so good!!!  And then we went to the park. Wat a nice Holiday!

 Beatrice Jelley

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