Autumn in a bloom

Waking up, getting ready for work, preparing coffee…

Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons here where we live – a city called Bauru, interior of Brazil. Contrary to other climates/places, we still have lots of flowers, tropical fruits, and nature is exuberant as always – with the plus that in this time of year there are fewer extremely hot days and less mosquitoes! 

A ten-minute car drive distance brings me to my kid’s school. On the way, I go past a train trail, where a little ahead there’s a bridge over a small river, I see little monkeys (sagüis) run on the electrical wiring and light poles in the street. There are all sorts of colored birds, with beautiful singing, decorating our blue blue skies.

The road to get there is bordered by Cerrado biome, full of trees and a fresh wind that can blow away many sorrows if we stop and genuinely activate our senses.

And when I get there I feel grateful and in peace. This privilege goes by unnoticed everyday, because we are always in a rush.

This would probably be a nice micro traveling experience for others…and for me it is (was?) just another regular compromise. Nature can be a great teacher – have I been paying enough attention to it?

Mariana Divino

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