An office in the forest

5 meetings, 6 hours and half of zoom, I’m done. My brain is full, my ears are buzzing. I m done for  today. Strange times… Days follow each other but look the same. It seems to me that time is flying even more since we work remotely. My year look like a Swiss lake, it has no relief. My ups are low and my downs are high. I could almost copy and paste a day or another it would not make a big difference. I m leaving the office in which I have decided to continue working in order to have some difference between work and home, otherwise there would be absolutely no difference anymore… Life has lost a bit of taste during that pandemic. I m not in a bad situation, my life just lost some savor. As I walk through the streets, there are people walking and big cars everywhere. What is it in Switzerland that makes people like big cars so much? Are we in the 1990s? They buy a big car waste a lot of water to clean it every week end and because it is big, the municipalities have to enlarge the parking spaces as they don’t on the small lots. Jeez… I’m walking still automatically and I feel an urge to immerse myself in the forest. I still have more than an hour before taking E. at the kindergarten. I am going up through the steep roads and after 20 minutes I am entering the forest. The relief I feel is immediate. I don’t have to go deep in to create a rupture with my everyday life. I can still see the cars and the buildings through the trees but I am no longer among them. I see them as external. I take a few steps deeper in the forest and I see a table and a few chairs. This feels reel and authentic, not like a zoom meeting. I d like to sit here with people and discuss about philosophy, time and joke around. Or could I work here? It would not make sense. Any work seems artificial under some trees that are older than me. It has rained quite a lot these last days and my shoes are completely wet but I don’t care. I feel more alive in these few minutes here than I have during a whole day at the office. I belong outside. That is something I have felt a long time ago. We all do to some extent. We have just lost a bit our connection with that part of us. Maybe the main message of this whole pandemic situation was to reconnect to nature. I have to go now to the kindergarten but I will come back this week in the forest.

Gaël Brulé

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