Beneficial imbalances

Micro travelling to me is categorized by two dimensions, time and space.I would describe then a Micro space, defined by your inability to go far. And a Micro time, being your lack of time to travel. Time, often impacts Space in this context, as you have no time to go far. It means micro traveling happens close to your normal habitat. And therein lies one of its challenges. 

By being close to home, your Micro travels, in turn, impact on the traveller.  The challenge is to discover new aspects of your habitat and feel refreshed by the travelling experience. Common knowledge has it that a holiday close to home is no match for a trip abroad and its load of new experiences. It is actually true and based in scientific facts. 

As proven by many studies, most our daily actions are based on habits. When using these habitual behaviors, the mind operates half-shut-down and uses a fraction of the cognitive power and awareness required for new experiences. Well, well, where is he going with that, you say ! You are right, I am no biologist. I am simply an advocate of creating and recreating that imbalance, that cognitive firestorm that only happens when all your sense are awake. An imbalance unique to new or “unstable” experiences. 

Stepping in the unknown, putting yourself in an environment that draws on the full power of your senses. Adapting to the unknown, and therefore switching off the habit loop and resetting your rational mind. That, to me, is one of the great benefits of travelling to new destinations. So What about Micro Travelling then ? Well… travelling close to home in places you know full well can become a habit. So I need to recreate that Imbalance. Enter sports. Some Jogg, others bike, I am an adept of Kitesurfing. Let me describe. 

A kite session is a micro travel by excellence. In a micro time, In your micro space. It requires planning. Is subject to meteo, requires packing (an awful amount of gear) in the hope, and never with any certainty, that the conditions will meet you there. Once all planned, geared up and decided to go face the elements, your journey can begin. 

This journey is one of unknown. Despite the “spot” being familiar, no two outings are the same. And this ensures an ever renewed experience. Constant Imbalance. 

Arrive at the beach. Step out. Feel the breeze. Gauge the strength of that wind. Choose your gear. Set up. Sometimes overcome your apprehension. Even renounce the session if conditions are too adverse. All this funnel of actions leads to a full focus on your senses. Nothing before, nothing after, mindfulness in an instant. Just focused on the experience to come. Its challenges and opportunities. Senses on alert. Rational Mind put to rest. 

Then comes the first ride. On an uneven surface, pulled by sometimes capricious gusts, you begin leaning against the wind, walking, cutting, jumping and landing on water. Best pals with Eol. Tight with Poseidon. Always adjusting to nature, second after second. Rationale mind, gone. Sensations ablaze !
This ever changing nature. and ever changing interaction is my solution for repeated micro travels in a micro space. I firmly believe I have found my own way to reach mindfulness. To me it comes from sport, from riding, and from a new type of sensorial overload. To each his own. 

Safe travels !

Olivier Dano

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