Do something different in the same place

VungTau was my home for 5 months during the pandemic. In normal times, living in Vietnam opens up opportunities for easy weekend travel to many Asian countries. But with strict COVID travel restrictions in Asia, this was not possible. Time to get creative and find some adventure in a familiar place. The roads in VungTau line the beaches and offer spectacular views of sunsets slowly falling behind fisherman out at sea. On normal days, these views go unappreciated as people zoom by on scooters as they go about their commute to and from work. Enter the $3 charcoal BBQ, some pork, and cold beer. On a random evening, we loaded up the scooter and decided to take our time to appreciate the sunsets that we often ignore. We set up our picnic on a road we frequently drove, but this time we took our time to take everything in and appreciate the beauty of VungTau. 

Robson Morgan

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