Sunday market

Here in Brazil, the week days are named after “fair” days, which are open air markets. Sunday is the only day with a different name = Domingo. 
In many places, every day of the week there is an itinerant open air market (feira) in a different place of the city. 
On Sundays, the biggest of them takes place in the heart of town, when all other shops are closed. 
You can find all sorts of fruits, vegetables, herbs, some typical foods, cakes, breads, local cheese and aleatory stuff – from toys and clothes to fake jewelry and plant seedlings. 
I love all the colors, smells and tastes we can find there. The sound of people talking and laughing, sometimes musicians playing instruments in the streets.
It isn’t organized, clean or beautiful if you pay attention to all the mess. However, nothing beats the experience of drinking freshly made garapa (sugar cane juice) or cold coconut water, right from the fruit, while being able to taste an infinity of tropical fruits and flavors. They usually let us try bits of almost everything they are selling, and give my kids with something else they want (that I usually end up buying).
At the end of the fair, they sell leftovers at a very low and sometimes symbolic price, because it is better than letting things ruined and thrown away – this is called “xepa” when people may get a good deal for good products that didn’t have the best appearance to be chosen in first place. 
This is an incredible weekly microtravelling experience, which I always look after to repeat, even being something I have done for at least three decades. I remember my parents taking me and my sisters to these fairs since I was a small kid, and am grateful for sharing this experience now with my own kids – who show enthusiasm and joy every single time, as if it was the first. 

Mariana Divino

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