Across the pond

The difficulties and the hassle to cross the borders had made it clear that our holidays would not be crazy or super exotic. It is time to go visit Evan’s grandparents in Brittany. It won’t be too hot nor too busy, and there will be plenty of room to walk around, run and to play in the sand. We would go for two weeks at my parents and just stay there, eat sea food, drink wine and enjoy having support for our child. After a couple of days staying just in Larmor-Plage, right by Lorient which is a middle-sized city (50 000 inhabitants), we decided to take a boat and to go to Port Louis, just on the other side of the bay. Luckily, it is part of the local transportation system, which means you can take a boat for a bit more than one euro. We had called a guy to rent a bike and a carrousel for Evan, since I had my own bike. The departure of the boat was just a 10 min walk away from my parent’s place.  Evan was sleeping and we took the boat rather easily. It was quite busy, we were not the only ones to have that plan today. It took us just 15 min to get there. Port Louis is a lovely little citadel with a Vauban start shaped wall aimed to defend well a city. We walked for 5 min to the bike rental boutique, which looked more like someone’s garage than a professional rental. Laura had the rented bike with Evan behind, but after a few hundred meters, it turned out she was in trouble to circulate around, so we decided to exchange bikes. It was not easy as the paths were narrow so that the carrousel was almost as large as the path sometimes. Upon suggestion of the renter, we decided to follow the coasts towards Locmiquelic and then Riantec (typical unpronounceable names from Brittany). The tide was low so that the sand was apparent everywhere (in this region as well as in the Mont Saint Michel, there are among the largest tides of the world and people say that the sea goes as fast a riding horse). We didn’t meet many people and it was comfortable to ride around. We decided to go back after a bit more than an hour. We went back towards the centre making a loop. Two kilometres before the arrival, Laura realized her tire was flat. Thankfully, the road was downhill and straight which made it relatively easy to go back. Leaving my back and taking the limping bike, we decided to take an ice cream which we heard were lovely. Eating these (delicious indeed) ice creams, we went back to take the boat which was leaving in 10 minutes.  Most people were already in the same boat to come here. After 15 min we were back on the other side and walked back home. One afternoon, two boats, one bike to repair and a lovely afternoon!

Gaël Brulé

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