A fairy tale?

Among the stretched-out villages of the Moscow region, you can find amazing abandoned places. I happened to recently visit one of these places. It’s a territory of the former pioneer camp called “Fairy Tale”, which is famous for its particular architecture and its stories that usually turn into some sort of urban legends.

For all those who like the atmosphere of abandoned buildings, “Fairy Tale” is a symbolic place of the Moscow region, a must-see. First of all, because each of the buildings and its rooms have their own architectural thematic, peculiar decoration and multiple statues created by unknown artist.

There you can find a huge octopus, entwining an entire facade with its tentacles, a jellyfish in a staircase, a flounder on the wall, many plant bas-reliefs, as well as fairy-tale characters, birds, fish, lions, you name it. There are also whole compositions, for example, a naked child in the huge waves, with his hands raised to the sky. Nobody knows what the creator wanted to express with this, but for some reason the associations are not the happiest. All sculptures are made of concrete and then painted.

Once the territory of the camp was well-groomed, and the paint was fresh and not peeling off, the entire architectural composition must have made a fabulous impression, but now it is an excellent scenery for a thriller or even a horror movie, where the heroes fall into a trap and find themselves in the hands of the main villain.

To add to that, the camp has its own large bomb shelter. Underground one will find many atmospheric concrete rooms and corridors, separated from each other by pressurized doors, some of which still contain the remains of a variety of equipment.

One of the urban legends says that the pioneer camp is special, as it was intended for deaf and dumb children. And therefore, all the decorations were considered quite justified, and the children liked it too. However, in 2013 it turned out that the camp was the most ordinary and the employees’ children rested in it until the enterprise went bankrupt in the 90s and the camp gradually fell into desolation.

In this troubled time for Russia, even in this godforsaken corner, its own terrible stories took place mostly connected with the new owner who restricted the trespassing. There are many reports on the web about attempts to see the “Fairy Tale”, ending with the appearance of a man with a gun or a knife (at different times he appeared with different weapons), threatening the intruders and forcing them to immediately get out of the private territory.

The danger of visiting and the public outcry made the “Fairy Tale” so desirable that many people suddenly wanted to go there. No-one knowns how it would have ended, but suddenly the situation changed. The main villain hung the gun on the wall, put the knife back into the kitchen, and began to negotiate with the tourists.

Now everyone can get into the “Fairy Tale” by paying only 300 rubles for it. Nobody will chase you with a 12-gauge gun and you can calmly contemplate octopuses and jellyfish without fearing to be captured. Stalkers and diggers are upset, but ordinary tourists are happy.

Saida Ibrahimava

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