Biking = Freedom.

Biking equals Freedom.
That’s why I am so addicted to it. Freedom is my core value, my drug, the most exciting thing I can
experience on Earth.
When freedom flows through my veins, I feel so paradoxically powerful and yet so sensitive. So
connected and yet so separate. So wild and yet so wise.
The warmth of the fresh air that brushes against my arms and the wilderness of my surroundings
cause me to surrender myself completely to the ride and manifest the unique thrill of experiencing
that freedom…
And the magical element…
You don’t need to go to a distant exotic country to experience this mystical connexion with self and
nature. You can experience this freedom even a hundred meters away from your home.
Freedom starts whenever and wherever you want. All you need is your bike and your minimalist bag.
This summer, I went out alone for a 9 day trip along the roads of Burgundy. For 9 days; I was with
myself and mother nature, barely speaking to anyone.
This trip was my own Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage, since it was all about visiting to the roots
of my nature.
Who am I ? Biking connects you to the Truth.
I am a physical being who needs to care about his most basic needs : « how do I eat ? », « how do I
drink ? », « how do I go by myself from one place to another ? ».
I am a counscious being, who has time to have – without any disturbances or pressure – a deep inner
dialogue with himself.
And finally, I am a spiritual being, who feels – through the beauty of Nature – connected to
something greater than he is.
Biking is not just about biking, you see. It is way more than that.

Hélène Macaire

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