Walk alone

I had been eating too much and partying for over a week in Paris. After I night out, I woke up with a terrible headache and I thought “ok, that’s enough”. I felt like leaving the big city and be on my own in the nature. I took the first train to Dijon and took a hotel with a spa so that I could relax and be on my own. After going to the jacuzzi and the hammam, I went to bed early as I had to walk a lot the day after. Dijon is on the roads of saint Jacques of Compostelle. I have great memories of walking on those. I walked up early, worked a bit (this was Friday) and at around 10 am I took my stuff and started walking. It was snowing heavily which is not the best condition to walk 35 kms. This made this pretty city charming and I happily discovered the small medieval streets with pretty boutiques. I called my family saying I would be on the roads for the next two days maybe not reachable. Going out of the city took me in suburban areas, then on the roads, close to the airport and finally I ended up on the canal. My destination was 30 kms down in that direction. I had done this before, it’s a strange feeling to walk so much straight, you never really do that. The direction is St Jean de Losne, one of the most important fluvial ports of France. The path is absolutely empty. I m walking fast, trying to make this a sport event for myself. Sometimes I m in the wood sometimes I see the roads the cars. I don’t like that part. But soon enough, it s just me the canal, some birds and a few boats. Sometimes I stop to rest and to drink water.

After 15 kilometres, I realize, damn if I stop here there is absolutely nothing and I can’t go back. So I put away that thought and I start walking faster. I m listening to a podcast to prepare a course I m going to give on Machiavelli. Interesting life… So the prince must use a combination of virtu and fortuna, which means he should be able to listen to the whisperings of the time. Well this isn’t going to help me with may walk, is it.

After a long call that I received (and that I took to distract myself from thinking of the facts that my legs start to feel like two rocks), I’m only an hour away from my destination. Good because it is getting darker… After 30 mins I start to see signs of mild activates, a few people and more and more boats. Some people are leaving here. My legs are soared and I can’t really walk fast any more. Tonight, a big meal a beer and I m going directly to bed. Tomorrow I have to walk another 35 kms…

Gaël Brulé

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