Memories of Sapa

My childhood wish was always to plant my feet on Sapa, a mountain in northern Vietnam. The top of Sapa … More

A fairy tale?

Among the stretched-out villages of the Moscow region, you can find amazing abandoned places. I happened to recently visit one … More

Ropes and old tires

As here where we live there are few options for safe kids entertainment (is is so, or are we just … More

Pool & co

Admittedly, I have a great apartment pool. You might have a gym in your building, a park downstairs, a little … More

Across the pond

The difficulties and the hassle to cross the borders had made it clear that our holidays would not be crazy … More

A walk in Tula region

“Brown coal was mined here in the 60s but it burns poorly due to impurities so the production was mothballed.” … More

Sunday market

Here in Brazil, the week days are named after “fair” days, which are open air markets. Sunday is the only … More

Reassemble the fragments

Random pics of odd juxtapositions. A police officer, advert for sustainability, and a blossoming tree. Is that a story? Likely … More

Bo-Bo bun, hun?

It’s Saturday morning and our daughters (5 and 7 years old) are with their grand-parents.  They’ve had a disco ‘sleep-over’.  … More

18 pebbles and 2 boxes

“All the best love, bye bye.” I press the button on my phone ending the call with my grandmother, Margot. … More

Beneficial imbalances

Micro travelling to me is categorized by two dimensions, time and space.I would describe then a Micro space, defined by … More

At your fingertips

The world really is at our fingertips. One of the best things about living in a global world is our … More


They wanted to take a breather. Swallow the kilometers that wear out the shoes and push back the malaise by … More

Ramadan microtravel

There is something about tall buildings and sparkly lights. Maybe we get to feel like children, straining our necks to … More

Between land and art

It’s around midnight. My brother and I are discussing the pressing need to get away from the noisy megapolis. It’s … More

Autumn in a bloom

Waking up, getting ready for work, preparing coffee… Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons here where we live – … More

Pace it down

I always walk so fast. Move to the next thing. Meeting. Dinners. Friends. Noise. Music. Drinks. Just s–l–o–w down for … More

All aboard!

All aboard!  Day-sacks packed with water bottles, snacks, extra gloves and hats, we’re sitting in the car, ready to go.  … More

A walk by the canal

When you look out the window, but rarely go walk. Residents are the worst when it comes to #microtravel. Ah. … More

Right by the boats

There’s something #tantalizing and about the space in between. Still on stable, noisy land but peering to the jumble of … More

Travel on a sunbeam

Up here in Southern Finland, Spring has sprung.  For much of the Winter it seemed the sun barely rose above … More

Saida in wonderland

Black earth is cracking under my foot because of the heat, exposing rare areas of ground that are not covered … More