Traveling inside with my plants

I don’t know about you, but I love plants in the house. I literally talk to them. I wish I had more. A small green #microcosm where on a daily basis, I notice a new bud, a dying leaf, a sprouting tomato (I have many). How the branches reach for the sun, twist accordingly. They … More

Did you bring swimming-trunks?

It had been a while, almost four years, but now so close while briefly in Switzerland that C texted to say: out of the station, across the tramlines, bus number 30 will bring you to us.  So, early evening, off the train, I joined the stream of workers heading through Basel’s main station.  Seeing C, … More

Memories of Sapa

My childhood wish was always to plant my feet on Sapa, a mountain in northern Vietnam. The top of Sapa is Fansipan peak at 3,147m altitude. 2 years ago over a couple of autum days I was able to make my childhood wish come true. Uneven roads, motorbikes, mobile phones and total reliance on a … More

A fairy tale?

Among the stretched-out villages of the Moscow region, you can find amazing abandoned places. I happened to recently visit one of these places. It’s a territory of the former pioneer camp called “Fairy Tale”, which is famous for its particular architecture and its stories that usually turn into some sort of urban legends. For all … More

Ropes and old tires

As here where we live there are few options for safe kids entertainment (is is so, or are we just so unused to enjoy simple things and pay attention to the details?) people living in the surroundings create our own neighbourhood playgrounds. Old tires and ropes make the best swings. Fallen branches and trees become our seats. Laughter … More

Pool & co

Admittedly, I have a great apartment pool. You might have a gym in your building, a park downstairs, a little eatery, a great vista, a visiting bird. It doesn’t really matter in the end, life adds up to a collection of emotions, wonderings, and random people (or birds) you bump into along the way. Take … More

The outing when I was followed…

Not that long ago, only last month, there was an outing when I was followed.  That same day, in the evening, I sat at the table in our garden with friends and felt I had to tell them about it.  Perhaps you’d like to hear about it too? I’d looked at the weather forecast the … More

Across the pond

The difficulties and the hassle to cross the borders had made it clear that our holidays would not be crazy or super exotic. It is time to go visit Evan’s grandparents in Brittany. It won’t be too hot nor too busy, and there will be plenty of room to walk around, run and to play … More

A walk in Tula region

“Brown coal was mined here in the 60s but it burns poorly due to impurities so the production was mothballed.” – says Denis as he guides me through the surroundings of Konduki in Tula region. Under my feet, there is loose soil with layers of brown coal protruding to the surface. We are on the … More


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