Pool & co

Admittedly, I have a great apartment pool. You might have a gym in your building, a park downstairs, a little eatery, a great vista, a visiting bird. It doesn’t really matter in the end, life adds up to a collection of emotions, wonderings, and random people (or birds) you bump into along the way. Take … More

The outing when I was followed…

Not that long ago, only last month, there was an outing when I was followed.  That same day, in the evening, I sat at the table in our garden with friends and felt I had to tell them about it.  Perhaps you’d like to hear about it too? I’d looked at the weather forecast the … More

Across the pond

The difficulties and the hassle to cross the borders had made it clear that our holidays would not be crazy or super exotic. It is time to go visit Evan’s grandparents in Brittany. It won’t be too hot nor too busy, and there will be plenty of room to walk around, run and to play … More

A walk in Tula region

“Brown coal was mined here in the 60s but it burns poorly due to impurities so the production was mothballed.” – says Denis as he guides me through the surroundings of Konduki in Tula region. Under my feet, there is loose soil with layers of brown coal protruding to the surface. We are on the … More

Sunday market

Here in Brazil, the week days are named after “fair” days, which are open air markets. Sunday is the only day with a different name = Domingo. In many places, every day of the week there is an itinerant open air market (feira) in a different place of the city. On Sundays, the biggest of them takes … More

Reassemble the fragments

Random pics of odd juxtapositions. A police officer, advert for sustainability, and a blossoming tree. Is that a story? Likely not. But, when I walk with my phone and force myself to notice, click, and ask questions, the world seems more meaningful and laden with purpose. I suppose it’s always been there, I needed the … More

Bo-Bo bun, hun?

It’s Saturday morning and our daughters (5 and 7 years old) are with their grand-parents.  They’ve had a disco ‘sleep-over’.  OK, so what shall we do; roll over and go back to sleep?  Oh, no!  So, what then?  I need coffee.  Emma does too but really wants a fresh cinnamon bun with it (we live … More

Do something different in the same place

VungTau was my home for 5 months during the pandemic. In normal times, living in Vietnam opens up opportunities for easy weekend travel to many Asian countries. But with strict COVID travel restrictions in Asia, this was not possible. Time to get creative and find some adventure in a familiar place. The roads in VungTau … More

18 pebbles and 2 boxes

“All the best love, bye bye.” I press the button on my phone ending the call with my grandmother, Margot. She is 87 years young – as she likes to say with a glint in her eye – and lives in Ireland. During our call, I asked her to take us back briefly to about … More

Beneficial imbalances

Micro travelling to me is categorized by two dimensions, time and space.I would describe then a Micro space, defined by your inability to go far. And a Micro time, being your lack of time to travel. Time, often impacts Space in this context, as you have no time to go far. It means micro traveling … More


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