Our theme was “let go”, but ultimately, we did the opposite

For one week, I met with nine other people on retreat. We started each day with meditation and a ninety minute yoga session. We had activities every evening, ranging from chakra training and ecstatic dance, to restorative yoga sessions, which were incredible by the way. But this post isn’t about the yoga or activities per … More

Walk alone

I had been eating too much and partying for over a week in Paris. After I night out, I woke up with a terrible headache and I thought “ok, that’s enough”. I felt like leaving the big city and be on my own in the nature. I took the first train to Dijon and took … More

Biking = Freedom.

Biking equals Freedom.That’s why I am so addicted to it. Freedom is my core value, my drug, the most exciting thing I canexperience on Earth.When freedom flows through my veins, I feel so paradoxically powerful and yet so sensitive. Soconnected and yet so separate. So wild and yet so wise.The warmth of the fresh air … More

Peruvian thoughts

They left my luggage in Paris. As, I discovered enroute to Machu Picchu (not being a very good micro traveler yet). I wouldn’t have my gear for the Inca Trail. This was a shock. I had spent weeks planning what to bring, visiting stores in person, and browsing hours worth of trekking pants, head lamps, … More

Traveling inside with my plants

I don’t know about you, but I love plants in the house. I literally talk to them. I wish I had more. A small green #microcosm where on a daily basis, I notice a new bud, a dying leaf, a sprouting tomato (I have many). How the branches reach for the sun, twist accordingly. They … More

Did you bring swimming-trunks?

It had been a while, almost four years, but now so close while briefly in Switzerland that C texted to say: out of the station, across the tramlines, bus number 30 will bring you to us.  So, early evening, off the train, I joined the stream of workers heading through Basel’s main station.  Seeing C, … More

Memories of Sapa

My childhood wish was always to plant my feet on Sapa, a mountain in northern Vietnam. The top of Sapa is Fansipan peak at 3,147m altitude. 2 years ago over a couple of autum days I was able to make my childhood wish come true. Uneven roads, motorbikes, mobile phones and total reliance on a … More

The food of the soul

It’s a warm and lovely sunny day after a heavy rain last night. I am in isolation because Ho Chi Minh City is in COVID lockdown. Loneliness surrounds me as I feel the walls at home keeping me isolated. But after 4 long months of lockdown, I get to leave my apartment. I Sat on … More

A fairy tale?

Among the stretched-out villages of the Moscow region, you can find amazing abandoned places. I happened to recently visit one of these places. It’s a territory of the former pioneer camp called “Fairy Tale”, which is famous for its particular architecture and its stories that usually turn into some sort of urban legends. For all … More


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