Walking against the wind

As I was single for the weekend, with Laura and Junior visiting the grandparents, I decided to walk around the … More

Closer to my family

I live nine time zones West of my parents. The town is a postcard, it has nourished my heart, mind … More

Sunset Ski

A short, clean, metal ‘click’ closes the door. Stepping outside, sound is open, still.  It’s been snowing, it’s cold.  I’m … More

A family hike in Germany

Backpack, a bottle of water, some snacks, a pen, my notebook, tissues… Who would have thought that I would one … More

A walk in the snow

After a few weeks of heavy winds, the weather was supposed to be relative nice during the weekend and in … More

A travel in my garden

See all, discover all Know everything, feel everything Japan, Northern Lights And Genghis Khan. Taste everything, dance everything From the … More

A nursery school-run?

OK, let’s go, have you got your: sun cap, sun-screen, water-bottle / fleece, gloves, hat, woolly socks, waterproof trousers, thick … More

A Safari from home

For someone used to taking up to six weekend trips a year, being blessed to live within four hours of … More

On the lake

Today we follow Thomas on the lake The day before my birthday this November (2020), my father and I went … More