This is time for a new way of traveling

“I have traveled a great deal in Concord” Henry David Thoreau

Recent travel restrictions have reminded us, if needed, that the free movements many of us had been enjoying for decades are not to be taken for granted. Freedom of movement has been severely curtailed within a blink of an eye by most governments. Empty planes, closed airports, and being at home were unfamiliar pictures of holidays for most people. In the collective imagination, travelling has become more and more synonymous of going far away from home, breaking with the daily rhythm of life, often just for a week or two, taking photos to share with your friends back home on social media, and then coming back. Often we do not really reflect upon our travel. Although the recent restrictions hit us all pretty hard, they provide a good time to reflect about our travel practices. Is travelling really about the distance? In the age of low-cost air fares, is it really that ”the farther we travel, the cooler and the more adventurous it is”? Is the social gratification of travelling proportional to our environmental impacts?… Or is it more about the look we have placed on our surroundings? What if we decided that the seven wonders of the world were less than 100 kilometers away from our home? Maybe travelling is just as much a matter of mental space as it is a matter of distance. Microtraveling is an invitation to rethink traveling. More local, more respectful of the planet, more conscious, but with just as many stars in the eyes. Microtravelers decide to elevate each local walk, each trek, alone, with friends, family or pets, to the status of a travel, even if it is just for a few hours.